Grand Canyon Western River Expeditions Trip 08/15 through 08/20, 2001

How to view the pictures

Click on any of the thumbnail pictures on the right to see a larger version of the picture. This larger version is not the full resolution. It is a lower resolution rendition that is small enough to download quickly.

Click on the arrows to change the index pages. The thumpnails are in groups of 25 (or so) to make it faster to download.

Orpha Ochse's pictures are on the third link down. They are wonderful! Thanks Orpha!

By clicking on Orpha's link, you go to a section of the site for her pictures. There are several index pages containing thumbnails. If you click on a thumbnail, it will take you to a larger version of the Thumbnail. In addition, the large image pages from Orpha are organized so that you can easily click from image to image with having part of the screen taken up by the index thumbnails. I would be interested to hear which you like better.

There are 780 pictures. When you click on one it will replace this text. The first thumbnail there re-displays this text. The second is "the reading room" and it collects some of the fun quotes that we overheard.

Please feel free to contribute additional quotes and anecdotes.

Thank You! Alice & I had a "Grand" time with you!

Below are some important details about fair use of pictures that you (can) contribute and how you can contribute and manage pictures to this site. Finally there are instructions on how you can get full resolution copies of the pictures.

This Web site was done in the fastest possible way. We'll be working on improving it, so your suggestions are welcome. I want to break the pictures into multiple pages so that the site is more responsive. I'm also keen to add additional pictures and anecdotes, etc from others; as well as captions on the pictures. Finally, I'd like to go through the pictures and add information about the content of the pictures so that they are easier to search.

Fair use of the Pictures

By contributing pictures to this site, you are giving me permission to redistribute your (high resolution) pictures to others on the trip; and to allow the low resolution and thumbnails to be delivered publicly over the Web. I presume you want to retain the copyright to the pictures you've contributed. Also, if you obtain high-resolution pictures from (see below), please note that the contributor retains the copyright to the contributed pictures. You are obtaining copies of the picture for personal and private use. This means that you agree not to re-distribute your copy for any sort of compensation and will respect the right of the contributor to determine how the picture may be used publicly.

Specifically, If a picture is contributed that is of you or your child, we mutually agree that we won't resell or give away copies of these pictures without your permission. I presume that I have your permission to deliver thumbnails and low resolution pictures via this Web site; and high resolution pictures to others on the trip. If you do not want a picture of you or your child to be on the Web site or to be given to others on the trip, please contact me and I will remove the designated pictures. I will also notify others on the trip that you don't want those pictures to be circulated.

How to contribute additional pictures

Since many of you are much better photographers than I am, your picture constributions could really improve the content of this site. There are three ways to contribute additional pictures:

Send Pictures as eMail Attachment

You can contribute pictures via eMail using an attachement. Send the eMail to tnuhbv! (Remember the encoding!). Please note that most mail servers reject eMail messages bigger than 2 Megabytes; so please use a compression format (e.g. zip) or convert the file to JPEG before sending it. You can send multiple pictures as long as the total eMail does not exceed 2 megabytes in size.

Send a PhotoCD

Many photography developer shops will scan your negatives/positives and put them on a CD for you.

There is a very popular format by Kodak called PhotoCD that is widely available. Ask for it where you get your photos developed. If you have this done to your pictures, you can send me the PhotoCD. I'll return it as soon as possible. Contact me via eMail if you are pursuing this option.

Old fashioned Prints

If you have extra prints of your Grand Canyon pictures, send me a copy. I'll scan them and put them up. Contact me via eMail for my address. Please be patient if you choose this option. It takes a while to scan pictures and I have a day job.

For for any of these options, if you have additional questions, ask via eMail.

How to get Full Resolution Pictures

I haven't constructed the buttons for the full resolution download. If I do it, the button will probably be below the larger version. I'm not going to provide this option for every picture since many of them don't seem that interesting. If you want to be able to download the full high resolution version of a particular picture, send an email to me (see below) with a nomination (use the filename) for the one(s) you want to be individually downloadable.

Since each high resolution image occupies approximately 400K bytes and there are currently 755 pictures, about 300 megabytes are needed to store all of the high resolution pictures. And this is before additional contributions from others on the trip. If a significant number of additional contributions occur, the picture archive could easily surpass 1 gigabyte. Therefore, I'm only displaying the smaller renditions to keep the total size of Grand Canyon site below 100 Megabytes.

To obtain the full resolution pictures, you can contact me at tnuhbv! (Remember the encoding!) and I will construct a CD containing the pictures for you. If you want one of these CDs, please send me two dollars to cover the cost of the CD and postage. When you contact me, I will give you the mailing address. The costs are roughly as follows: Media (The CD) is about 50 cents. The label and case cost about 50 cents. Finally postage is approximately one dollar.