Silverfox Consulting

What is Silverfox Consulting?

Welcome to Silverfox Consulting. Silverfox provides computer and communication consulting services. Our focus is on preliminary evaluation of large scale systems designs. We evaluate the technical feasibility and provide initial estimates of the time and resources for such projects. To discuss your project concept email us to set up a mutually agreeable time to chat.

Before you embark on the implementation of a large scale computer or computer communication system, you may need to have an idea of the scope of the project and the major technical hurdles to complete it. You may want to obtain estimates of the time and resources necessary to complete the project. Silverfox can help you create an initial project roadmap and assist you in estimating the resources required. With over 30 years of computer and communication experience, we have built many large scale systems and understand the importance (and cost savings) of finding all the unknowns and the unknown unknowns before ramping up a project.

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